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Coping with heartbreak

Women who do not have support will struggle more. When a couple or individual undergo fertility treatment at a Fertility clinic in London or elsewhere, there is a fine line between being optimistic and being realistic.Some practitioners believe that meditation and visualisation,

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Confidentiality in pregnancy

Complete Confidentiality With Your Fertility Coach

Complete confidentiality What I will offer you in my programmes is a promise of complete professional confidentially it is regarded as one of the foundations of a therapeutic relationship. Women and couples trying to take care of their health in preparation for

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british acupuncture clinic

British Acupuncture Council

Why choose a member of this organization? The British Acupuncture Council has a membership of around 3,000 professionally qualified acupuncturists. It is the UK’s largest professional regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture and I am very proud to say that

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The Cost of ART

Assisted Reproductive Technology The desire to have a baby is a strong, primal, internal and somewhat unexplainable force that can come slowly or suddenly for a woman or a couple. Treatment can have an emotional, physical and financial cost, that at times

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Choosing your fertility clinic

The most important thing you can do when making decisions about your fertility treatment is to ensure you are well informed. If the time has come to consider Assisted Reproductive Treatment, there is understandable confusion about where to go and what is

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