Fertility Concerns

How To Manage Anxiety When Your Period Is Due

As you’re scrolling through your notifications with your morning tea you notice an alert on your phone: “Period due next week”.

You have been using an app to help you identify when you ovulate and this a reminder you can do without.

You feel your heart drop and your stomach clench with anxiety.

If your period comes it means one thing:

I’m not pregnant again. 

To help with your mood on a daily basis, it’s important to manage your anxiety in the run up to your possible period date.

If you allow your anxiety to run unchecked then it’s likely that it will build up, you’re stressed out, you don’t sleep properly, you may not exercise or eat properly in the lead up to the start of your period.

In the end, the stress and anxiety about possibly getting your period leads your body into a raised cortisol level, which is perpetuating a circle of fear.

So, how can you manage your anxiety when your period is due?

Let’s go through some simple tips to manage your anxiety, specifically for when your period is due.

3 Ways To Manage Your Anxiety

We’ve chosen just three actionable and easy ways to manage anxiety and to help you cope in the run up to when your period is due.

1. Talk Through Your Thoughts and Fears

One way to manage your anxiety is to talk through your thoughts and fears with a professional coach who knows you and can be your mighty companion on your fertility journey. There are things you can do to increase chances of implantation such as rest and gentle walking and certain activities it is best to avoid.

2. Be Honest With Your Partner

Be honest with your partner about how you feel. Couples are often avoiding talking about the anxiety that is building within each of them, each one not wanting to burden the other. In my couples coaching I encourage talking about how you feel (and if it suits the couple then doing something else) so you are not making it 100% your point of focus until it drives you mad. Create intimacy and remember not only your goal of creating a new life but why you fell in love with each other.

2. Get Creative

Plan to do something creative. This can be painting, reading, walking in the park together and really seeing nature, taking an art class, learning a new skill that interest you both, cooking a special meal or listening to a beautiful meditation.

What if I do get my period?

Getting a period when you’re trying to get pregnant is incredibly disappointing.

It’s important that you acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.

Allow yourself to be angry, sad or disappointed for a while, there is no right and wrong way to feel and pushing your feelings down and squashing your emotions is not helpful in my experience it is better to allow yourself to express fully without denying the rage and justified anger you may have.

Then, remind yourself that you can cope with this and you can move forward, healing the pain and finding hope.

You are not alone

Finally, it’s a nerve wracking time before your period, you’ve worked so hard to try to get pregnant.

It can feel lonely at times, especially when it comes down to dealing with something so personal as getting your period.

You don’t need to feel lonely and there’s support out there for you.

Tailored Anxiety Advice

As everyone is different, getting tailored advice on how to cope with anxiety from a professional is an excellent way to manage anxiety.

Not only will they give you advice on how to cope but being able to talk openly with someone relieves stress considerably.

At Fertility Solution, I offer a complimentary 30 Minute call, consider taking this opportunity if you are struggling with anxiety.

If you want further support then you can book in a 2 hour Intensive to come up with a thorough plan for you.

book your 30-minutes complimentary discovery call

My integrated approach looks at your current physical and emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.


Is Chinese Herbal Medicine really effective in Pregnancy?

The Chinese have always paid special attention to medicine for women during pregnancy. It is important to keep the Qi or energy flowing and blood in harmony for both the foetus and the mother to ensure a smooth pregnancy. Herbs are usually used as a nourishment or a tonic, bearing in mind that some formula should not be used during pregnancy and formulas should only be used where there is more benefit than just leaving nature alone.

If there are underlying constitutional weaknesses in the mother Chinese herbal formulas can prove to be invaluable, however usually women who have previously found formulas to be beneficial are more willing to take them throughout their pregnancy. Western women are more reluctant to start taking Chinese herbs unless they have severe morning sickness, however I remind my clients there are billions of women in China who have used them successfully for hundreds of years.

In the United Kingdom there is an organisation called the RCHM Register for Chinese Herbal Medicine and as with acupuncture as I have previously stated, I always recommend clients use practitioners who are registered with a professional body as this guarantees a standard of compliance which is absolutely vital and of course very important when taking herbs for treatment during pregnancy for conditions such as for morning sickness or threatened miscarriage.

Chinese herbal medicine for pregnancy

It is important to remember that Chinese herbal medicine was the only form of medicine in China for over 3000 years and of course the area of the Orient expands from Vietnam, Japan and Korea as well as mainland China. The long history does not mean TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine is backward in comparison to ‘modern medicine’ however there have been less clinical trials. Chinese medicine is still used as the primary form of healthcare in much of South East Asia and is provided by the state throughout China.

I do not see this as an alternative but rather a complimentary form of medicine. Herbal remedies and acupuncture and now used regularly to treat a wide range of illnesses pain and medical conditions. The first consultation determines an individual tailor-made prescription and then it is usual for a professional practitioner to review the patient every week or two in the first trimester or for a new patient and then every 2 to 4 weeks thereafter.

Chinese medicine for pregnancy

Ancient Chinese Art of ‘sitting the month’ 

The first 40 days following the birth of the baby in some countries, customs or religions is known as a confinement period with strict rest for the mother to recuperate and bond with her baby, which is wonderful. Sadly in so-called modern cultures this has now all but disappeared. In the postpartum phase it is important to nourish new mothers with fresh home-made food, soups and bone broth along with support from the female members of the family. With herbal medicine a woman’s qi and blood would be nourished with the appropriate Chinese formula if she is breastfeeding.

What can research tell us? the register for Chinese herbal medicine has a collaboration with the Centre for evidence-based Chinese medicine in Beijing and also the Southampton Complimentary Medicine Trust where there are many published research papers which can be studied to back up their evidence.

So in conclusion my answer would be yes Chinese medicine is effective during pregnancy so long as the process and prescriptions are provided by a qualified professional who is registered. Please do contact me today for my fertility coaching programmes, pregnancy and post part care.

Coping with heartbreak

Women who do not have support will struggle more.

When a couple or individual undergo fertility treatment at a Fertility clinic in London or elsewhere, there is a fine line between being optimistic and being realistic.
Some practitioners believe that meditation and visualisation, welcoming in the spirit of your baby into your life, imagining holding your baby in your arms can help you prepare you and your womb.

It is really really really hard when you have tried to walk that fine line between being positive and being pragmatic then having to cope when Fertility Treatment does not work out the way you wanted, personally I really dislike the phrase failed cycle, that is a somewhat more medical term.

It is completely devastating to get a negative test result and this is usually when a woman gets her periods after the two week wait, during which time everything is out of control, (this is particularly difficult for someone who is used to working hard, being very focused and then achieving their goals) This is the time when nothing you can do will change the outcome. Some of my clients feel very anxious, others try to cary on as normal and forget about it but it is always at the back of their mind. The anxiety can cause sleepless nights and this is often when clients contact me as the need to express themselves without judgement.

It is has been described to me many times by my clients fertility coaching clients as a grieving similar to a bereavement and in a way, choosing my words carefully, it is the death of hope, the end of a dream that you had dared to allow yourself to imagine. This is also a time when having a fertility coach by your side is particularly beneficial, someone who has known you and your history and can be there to guide and support you.

Pregnancy expert London

There will come a time when you begin to decide whether to undergo another cycle of treatment and if so trying to figure out if there’s anything you can do to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy and how to increase fertility naturally.

Should you have add on treatments? There are many available such as embryo glue, endometrial scratching, IV drips, different types of supplements and acupuncture for pregnancy.

Whether to try again or to stop is an enormous decision. I feel that it is one which should be made getting plenty of support emotionally with myself as a fertility coach and also medically of course with your treatment doctor.

You may have frozen embryos ready to use, you may be concerned about your age – there are so many things to consider, your fertility clinic may suggest a different approach and of course there are endless sometimes conflicting pieces of advice available about when is the best time to transfer embryos.

I have spent years advising, listening and helping couples and individuals through this process and I really encourage you to choose a professional person to support you. I know where the best London consultation for fertility treatments are, I know what you need and I will support you fully.

For the best fertility advice London– contact me today

Complete Confidentiality With Your Fertility Coach

Complete confidentiality

What I will offer you in my programmes is a promise of complete professional confidentially it is regarded as one of the foundations of a therapeutic relationship. Women and couples trying to take care of their health in preparation for conception or those actively trying to get pregnant need confidentiality.

Until I started to work online all of my clients came to me through recommendation which, of course, meant that a friend, a work colleague or a relative would recommend me, and the matter of confidentiality was particularly important.

It’s challenging talking about your health and well-being at the best of times but when it’s such a sensitive, emotional and also sometimes financially challenging subject confidentiality is of paramount importance.

The conversations I may have are ones about –


Bodily functions

Every question I ask is a diagnostic one and it has a reason for being asked. I often start consultations by explaining why I ask questions that may to seem unusual or irrelevant but there is always a good reason.

The functioning of the digestive system including how well food is digested and how often the bowels move and if this is with ease.

The menstrual cycle and it there are symptoms of pre menstrual tension, the flow of the period and if there is clotting or cramming with the bleed.

Intimacy between a couple 
It can be difficult to be spontaneous when you are focused ono or actively trying to conceive the romance seems to disappear and men can begin to feel like they must perform to order and in some cases are a sperm donor. We will find ways to keep the your lovemaking spontaneous and tender.
Pregnancy advice
Sexual activity  Once a woman is used to accurately identifying their ovulation time it is surprising how often I ask if they had sex during this time and the answer comes back as “No”. If one person in the partnership is repeatedly “Too tired” or “Too stressed” the may be an indicator that they are not fully expressing how they feel about having a child or are simply not at the same stage as the other person and they are not ready or committed. These things ned to be discussed and I will offer you the best way to deal with them. Hopes and dreams  There is a fine line to be navigated between hoping and dreaming, staying positive and being realistic and not getting overwhelmed when trying to have a baby – particularly if you are undergoing treatment at a fertility clinic where you may be investing a lot of your money trying to have the baby you are holding in your heart. It is absolutely vital to have somebody who can be completely trusted for their confidentiality.  There are so many things to discuss, work your way through and explore that having total confidence that somebody is completely invested in your interests and will listen deeply with compassion and be able to hear and receive anything you have to say. I recommend journalling as a way of expressing yourself once this becomes an easy habit it is almost like talking to yourself, expressing and unfolding your self on paper so you are able to honestly recognise and reflect how you are feeling and which patterns are coming the you many not want to recognise. Act today and choose to have a trusted professional fertility expert by your side so you can navigate the way though with me to help and yes you can get pregnant !

British Acupuncture Council

Why choose a member of this organization?

The British Acupuncture Council has a membership of around 3,000 professionally qualified acupuncturists. It is the UK’s largest professional regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture and I am very proud to say that in July 2020 I celebrated 25 years of being a qualified acupuncturist

I think you should always choose a practitioner from a professional body as they are heavily vetted, tested and  the organization regularly enforces clinical auditing and continuous professional development for their members.
I combine my knowledge as an acupuncturist and herbalist to help women get pregnant faster. Yes you can get pregnant over 40 and your desire to become parents and have a healthy baby will be achieved more easily with a professional fertility coach helping and supporting you.
I love the subject of Oriental Medicine for its varied and wide subject matter and the ever expanding breadth and depth of knowledge it constantly reveals when you choose to dive deep and become an eternal student.

It naturally evolved through the course of my career that I specialized in women’s health and ultimately fertility as I was seeing so many patients who had concerns about the menstrual cycle be it painful period, absence of period or erratic cycles. 

I am very happy to say it is now more widely known and acknowledged that Acupuncture can be of enormous benefit to women trying to get pregnant, from regulating the menstrual cycle to supporting the whole fertility journey and acupuncture can regulate fertility hormones. 
I have worked with women and couples for many years to help them find the best way to get pregnant, stay pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. I have knowledge of all pre-natal support services including finding the right doula or hypnobirthing practitioner for you and post natal support such as maternity nurses, breastfeeding experts or sleep training.
Previous to working on line ALL my clients came to me through referral. I was recommended from one person to another as people value my highly confidential expert advice and many comment that they feel very supported and they definitely benefited from the guidance and solutions I could offer.

Many studies have shown acupuncture treatments have a really positive impact on the success rates for women undergoing assisted fertility treatments such as IVF and ICSI and improves birth rates.

Often women have come to see me when they are trying to reduce their stress and anxiety levels during Assisted Reproductive Treatment. The psychological and emotional impact of many doctors appointments and trying to balance hope and protect from possible disappointment can be nerve wracking and exhausting – just when you are being told to be healthy and relax.  

The question will arise as to what is the best time to have acupuncture? 

Getting the menstrual cycle regular and making sure both partners are as healthy as possible before fertility treatment is very important. 

I like to have an in-depth discussion about a treatment plan which will often extend over several weeks or months (to regulate and optimize the menstrual cycle). This should be done taking into consideration what is a reasonable and achievable program for the patient – travel times accessibility, convenience and proximity should all be considered. 

In my personal opinion regular sessions are optimal. I usually recommend a weekly treatment for 6 to 8 weeks then review with the patient the next step of the program. This may seem quite often or intense but in certain cases traditionally a patient would be seen every day for 14 days then have a 7 day rest and then resume another 14 days of treatment. This would however be in China where the treatment was most state funded for serious health conditions. 

Clients frequently say how amazed they are at the improvement of their next period when initially coming to me for treatment. The PMS symptoms are less or completely absent and the period itself is virtually pain free. This is great as pain is a sign of stagnation in Oriental medicine, a sign of disharmony within the body.

Acupuncture can be carried out during ovulation to help influence the follicles, improve blood and energy circulation in the lower abdomen and to help with relaxation.

There are very well established protocols for before and after transfer of embryos where a patient will visit me immediately before attending the appointment for the transfer when they are usually feeling a little apprehensive and then on their way home after the transfer. There are well established tried and tested point protocols for this. 

Implantation is one of the most vital parts of conception and a healthy endometrium of a desired thickness enables this to happen. In acupuncture language we talk about the holding action of the uterus and pulling up and connecting with the ancestors points DU20 and spleen points are important.

The two-week wait (or tww as it is known) before one can take a pregnancy test, is actually one of the most awful times for a woman. There is so much uncertainty about the outcome. Depending on the personality of the woman they may have spent months thinking positively, welcoming their baby’s spirit to them, placing their hands on their lower abdomen and talking to their unborn child and the balance of this along with knowing the chances and statistics of conceiving depending on their age and procedures undertaken …… are very very tough.

I love working with my clients. For me my career is a vocation and I hope to be able to support and guide you on your journey.

The Cost of ART

Assisted Reproductive Technology

The desire to have a baby is a strong, primal, internal and somewhat unexplainable force that can come slowly or suddenly for a woman or a couple.
Treatment can have an emotional, physical and financial cost, that at times can seem overwhelming and lonely.

I coach women and couples at all stages of their fertility journey and having expert professional guidance can help you get pregnant faster and support you while you successfully navigate a myriad of choices and decisions.
You will find other articles in this Library about choosing the right clinic for you and your particular needs, here I want to talk about the way to mitigate the cost of ART.

I have guided hundreds of couples through assisted fertility treatment and it is a unique and personal experience for everyone.
Before I started to work online all my clients came to me through recommendation – 100% were friends, family or work colleagues of those who have already found success with me and my fertility coaching support and solutions.

We have all seen the sensational articles in newspaper and magazines about “My £60’000 IVF baby”
“I spent $45’000 on IFV and it was worth every penny.”

It is not just the financial cost which can be huge – but the emotional and physical cost of going through treatment and you will benefit greatly from having a coach by your side who is 100% focused on you and your best interests, not a clinic selling you more expensive treatments, procedures and confusing add on treatments.

The Physical
“I feel my body has let me down, why isn’t it working properly, what have I done wrong”
Before you have tried to conceive you may not have questioned your body’s ability to do what you want it to do.
You want to boost your fertility – but what is the best way to do it naturally, an observed cycle, assisted fertility treatment and if so which one?
Do you try IUI or go straight to IVF or ICSI?

You need to have fertility awareness; you need to know your body and how to maximize your options.

If you start fertility treatment the changes in the body can be frightening and confusing and the way I help as a fertility coach is by being your constant professional companion, on hand to listen and advise.
I will give you a clear plan on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, how to choose your fertility clinic and support you – you are not alone.
Sometimes we may need to focus on your goals and why you started this fertility journey and your original desire to have a baby as it can get lost when you are going through challenging and physically uncomfortable treatment.

The Emotional
“I feel my body has let me down, why isn’t it working properly, what have I done wrong” These are phrases I often hear my clients utter in our consultations Guilt, Shame and Blame.

The problem is these thoughts are often going round and round in your head – without an outlet, without the voice of reason helping you to see it’s not your fault.
This is how I benefit you on your fertility journey.

Let’s take a clear overview of where you are now, what has worked for you and what has been emotionally most challenging?
The emotional aspect of this cannot be ignored, squashed down or underestimated – this is not good for your cortisol stress hormones, your mind – heart – uterus connection, the cells of your body, your sleep or general health.

Over many years I have found the emotional support I provide is one of the most valuable aspects of my professional relationship with a client. We will have a weekly discussion about how your plans are progressing and you will have a chance to fully express yourself in the most honest and confidential way possible.
I can help you get pregnant over 40 and help you take back control. I provide bespoke fertility care to fast track your journey to success.

The Financial
How much is too much? When do you decide to take a break? Can you do it all again?
These three frequently asked questions could fall into anyone of the headings above but the financial strain of ART is one that causes a lot of stress to a couple, can cause arguments and should not be ignored.

If you are self funding your fertility treatment the amount of money that you initially feel you can afford may in time be surpassed and there are questions about being able to obtain further funding for treatments how and where to get that money from what other things in your life you may be willing to forfeit for this.

Do you reduce weekly spending, stop going out for dinner, not take a holiday, reduce memberships, cut costs wherever possible?
If you choose to do this for a short time of 3, 6, 9 months or one year that may be done fairly easily however if your fertility journey is one that encounters complications the question often arises of how much quality of life today you are willing to sacrifice in order to start your family or add to it?

This is an issue I have talked to my clients about repeatedly. It may be the woman wants to forge ahead with another round of IVF and the husband is reluctant to do so, it may be that there have been multiple rounds of IVF and family members are directly discussing with you and questioning the wisdom of putting yourself through this again emotionally, physically and financially.

This of course are very personal decisions for example some people buy a car that costs £5000.00 other people spend 250,000.00 on a car and it’s within their budget, some people just use public transport and taxis if they live in the capital city and this broad spectrum of expenditure can also apply to people’s personal ability to fund multiple assisted reproductive treatments.

I have heard my clients liken this to ‘playing at the roulette wheel’ taking yet another gamble on a round of treatment. I know without a shadow of a doubt the clients I have dealt with, if they could guarantee they would have a healthy happy baby for $10,000 they would willingly spend it, however in some cases the thought of spending 10 or $20,000 without a tangible guaranteed outcome is simply too much

Yes, you can get pregnant! Choose to have me by your side for support, overcome the negativity of doctors and get pregnant faster.

Choosing your fertility clinic

The most important thing you can do when making decisions about your fertility treatment is to ensure you are well informed.

If the time has come to consider Assisted Reproductive Treatment, there is understandable confusion about where to go and what is the right course of action for you.
When I coach couples, this is a topic it comes with a lot of questions and I have years of experience guiding and preparing you and helping you make the right choice for you.

What questions do you have that need answers? What will be the thing that defines your choice?

• A good personal connection with the Doctor may be the most important thing for you.
• Cost may be the most important deciding factor.
• Proximity to home or work bearing in mind you will need frequent visits for blood tests, scans and appointments for treatment.
• A recommendation from a friend who has had a good experience at a clinic.
• A particular consultant may attract you with their personality.
• If statistical outcomes and data driveyou there will be clear choices too.
• Many things can all play a part in the decision-making process.

I can help you to get statistics on the client experience for registered clinics rather than looking on the clinic website for statistics which may be presented in their favour.
Registered Fertility and embryology clinics are evaluated every 2 years although personally I think it should be annually and are regulated by the Government to make sure they comply with the law. They give inspection ratings, patient ratings and live birth rates (not just pregnancy rates).

A clinic may state they have named nurse systems, so you are cared for throughout your treatment by one or two named professionals.

You will be able to find out if female Doctors are available which is vital due to cultural sensitivities.

There is a lot of variety in the range of treatments available ICSI, IUI, IVF, Fertility Investigation and Preservation, Sperm testing and PGT (Preimplantation Genetic testing). Take control and know what they all mean.

Most clinics hold open days / evenings where you can take a guided tour of the facility, meet the staff and ask questions. You may choose to go through this process multiple times to get a feel of which facility you prefer to help you get pregnant faster.

You need to be made aware of any risks of fertility treatment, so transparency is valuable.
You may favour a clinic with a more holistic approach that incorporates a multi-disciplined treatment plan. You may want to do a natural cycle merely observing ovulation with drugs.
You may choose to opt for treatment abroad which may be more economical or allow you to do IVF with a later upper age limit (helping you to get pregnant over 40) or transfer of multiple embryos to get pregnant faster.

I have walked by the side of many women who have chosen donor insemination through IUI or IVF and I love to support them on their journey.

Lesbian couples may need help deciding which will donate the eggs and which will carry the baby and the clinic needs to empathetic about this.

Please do contact me so I can help you today to begin to create the family you long for.

Preparation for motherhood

During my 3 month programme if the woman happily becomes pregnant during that time I convert the remaining sessions to prenatal care. Many women choose to engage with me again in the lead up to the birth and during the first few weeks of their baby’s life.
There are many things to discuss with me particularly as an acupuncturist with my in depth medical knowledge and my vast network of support therapists.
I recommend Hypnobirthing which is mostly about breathing techniques, being prepared for the birth and learning how to handle the medical birth process.

Finding a specialist massage therapist qualified in pregnancy treatments, acupuncturist, pregnancy yoga teacher and other expert practitioners in your area.
You may wish to source a Doula to help you in preparation for a home or hospital delivery and during your labour.

It is vital to have support and a person to talk to who you can express yourself with freely when you are a new mother. Part of the work I do is to listen and offer guidance to women when they are feeling emotional and are judging themselves, sometimes very harshly, in the first few weeks at home with their new baby.
It has been suggested that new mothers who feel low aren’t depressed, they are just in shock. There is a transition into motherhood during which significant neurobiological, physical and emotional changes can create emotional upheaval resulting in anxiety and exhaustion. There is tremendous guilt felt by mothers if they are not feeling elated and dreamily happy all the time as a new mother. Nothing at all can prepare a woman for the exhaustion of motherhood.
There is such a push and pull of feelings – the totally overwhelming sense of responsibility, or even feeling trapped, this tiny being that has arrived along with a rollercoaster of hormones and the joy at having your baby in your life at last.

Usually after a couple of sessions with me where my patient is allowed to fully and honestly express the myriad of feelings they have, many say they feel relieved and the sense of guilt at ‘not enjoying motherhood’ or ‘finding it difficult’ would melt away.

I understand through years of experience that parents are not overjoyed 24 hours a day, how you feel can change day to day or even hour to hour.

Maternity nurses are absolutely wonderful for getting your babies into a routine, relieving the anxiety of all the small things a newborn does, are they crying because they are in pain? Or simply too hot? I know a lot of women who have resisted having a maternity nurse as they want to have the baby all to themselves and be alone to bond with the child and the father/ partner… only to call me after a couple of weeks asking for recommendations for a night nurse or maternity nurse.

As a first time mother you have never done this before and as with any new role help and instruction are§ valuable. A good maternity nurse will know when to give you the privacy and space you need.

Be kind to yourself, be gentle, rest when you can, follow your intuition and ask for help.

No matter where you are on your fertility journey, you will receive a tailor-made programme for you.
Perhaps you are thinking of starting a family and want to be fertility fit. Or you’ve started to try to conceive and feel frustrated that it is not happening as quickly as you thought. Or you’ve faced obstacles, disappointment and negativity from the medical profession and need positive professional advice to move on. You will receive the exact support you need, no matter what stage you are at.

You’ll also receive:
1. A Clear Start providing you with a strong strategy of how to move forward and you get the results you want:

  •  We start by taking a very detailed case history that includes medical, physical and emotion events in your life, your menstrual and reproductive history, lifestyle habits and challenges;
  • This information determines what we will focus on first, second and third;
  •  From there, we agree what realistic goals we can set.

2. Total Support so we can eliminate unnecessary stress and heartache from your life.
I will:

  • Provide absolute support to an individual or couple trying to conceive;
  •  Understand your needs and concerns and never judge or ever think a question is irrelevant or silly;
  • Provide the safe space you need to air your frustrations:
  • We will meet weekly to discuss what stage you are at on your fertility journey.

3. Awakened Awareness so that you understand your cycles, alleviating stress and bringing joy and happiness in your journey to conception:

  •  If you don’t already understand your menstrual cycle and ovulation, I will give you a clear understanding of fertile signs and pinpointing your fertile time;
  •  You will feel empowered and strong;
  • If you have experienced setbacks and feel despondent we take a fresh look at what you can do differently, there are a lot of options for you.

4. Emotional and Mental Balance with tailor-made strategies to help you stay optimistic and grounded:

  • We will explore any negative emotions or traumas that may be subconsciously blocking you;
  •  Together, we will find the appropriate tools and methods for you so that you have a more peaceful, calm and centered path.

5. Look at Test Results to give you the optimum conditions for conception:

  •  Repeated blood results can be confusing and frustrating, I will take the time to look at results with you and see when natural therapies can improve your readings;
  •  Women often measure their fertility by an AMH reading but this should not be taken in isolation; if you have a high FHS this can be improved.

6. When to Visit a Specialist knowing when you need to take a different approach can be hard:

  •  Infertility is the phrase used when a couple have not achieved a pregnancy even though they are having unprotected sex every day or two at the woman’s fertile time;
  •  This can be traumatic but if you start to talk to family and friends you will realise it is much more common than you think;
  • I can help you decide which clinic is best for you what statistics can and can’t tell you and other factors to be taken into account.

7. Manage your Anxiety to cope with the confusing choices. I will provide you with a safe, non-judging and personal place to share:

  • Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of having a baby and a family since you were a girl;
  • Fertility challenges may be the first big crisis of your life and one that you don’t seem to be able to control, especially since you’ve worked hard to achieve results in other areas of your life.

8. Often a high percentage of men feel sad and isolated when trying to have a baby.
Men don’t always want to keep on talking to their partner about their feelings. Sometimes they cannot handle a woman’s tears, they feel embarrassed by humiliating sperm tests. This is not how they thought they would make a baby:

  •  I am highly skilled at talking to men about all aspects of their life, sexual health and emotions;
  • We can have joint calls with you as a couple or individual sessions with your male partner to restore their self esteem and give them back their confidence.

My integrated approach looks at your current physicaland emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

When is the right time to get pregnant?

Men and women have spent so long trying not to get pregnant that they do not think for a moment it will not happen instantly when they want it to.

Until it becomes painfully obvious, it never crosses a woman’s mind that she may struggle to get pregnant.
Most are aware that infertility is a serious issue with serious consequences, but assume that they will conceive easily.
Much of most people’s 20s and early 30s are spent fearing getting pregnant, having a baby would be a major life change that they are unwilling to embrace during those years.
The right relationship, someone who is ready to become a parent, the right sized home, the right point in a career and financial confidence must be found.
I have yet to meet a person who did not state one of these considerations for waiting for the right time to start a family.

All that worrying sometimes turns out to be a complete waste of time. After being married for years and there’s no baby in sight.

That may have felt fine for the first few years because neither of you felt ready to become parents. You are saving up for our own place, which you want to enjoy before a baby changes your lives and relationship forever.
Maybe you are saving a nest egg to support you during maternity leave and the first few years of your baby’s life, enjoying all the good things in your life as you should do but somehow, subconsciously, putting getting pregnant at the back of your mind, not stopping to reflect on why you haven’t conceived despite not taking any precautions.

How do you decide when it is the right time to get pregnant?
It is such a delicate balance.
When adults are together and they both are ready to start a family at the same time, when each may be pursuing different goals in life. Are you both committed to the same extent?

Hormonal surges, the proximity of family and friends and personal life experience can all influence how you feel and alter your urgency and desire to start a family.

Being constantly asked when you are thinking of starting a family can be insensitive and grating.

During online consultations I often see women cry when they recall the harsh, unthinking words of strangers or even those closest to them asking “When are you having a baby?” It would seem it is legitimate to ask this when actually they are asking “How successful is your sex life?”
Unfortunately, the number one influencing factor in becoming pregnant is age and specifically the age of the woman. There is no denying the younger you are generally (medical conditions excluded) the better your chances of getting pregnant quickly and easily.
Conversely, I have been interviewed on the Radio about Fertility and Teenage pregnancies. I advocate a better understanding and more education in schools for both boys and girls of the reproductive system in general and how, to give one example, STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) sometimes dormant and asymptomatic can fatally damage fertility in both men and women.
I talk to women everyday who have no clue about their reproductive health – no idea when ovulation takes place. This is not to be made fun of – but rather to indicate how much more we need to know.
Recently I have been approached by many more women around the age of 20 to 25 who want to start a family or are concerned about being Fertility Fit – or in the best shape they can be for conception or they express concerns about “Ever being able to have a baby”

Some people would consider that as being too young but is it? Each individual must make that choice for themselves. We are conditioned by society, judging others for their decisions. Culturally and religious expectations may mean that a woman or couple choose to have a baby at a younger age all of which I am able to understand.
My aim is to give you the best advice and guidance for you to meet you wherever you are on your Fertility Journey now and support you with expert, experience advice and compassion and empathy.
Your top priority is to become pregnant and have a healthy baby, but you’re confused by conflicting information and who to trust. Every month, the two-week wait before your pregnancy test is filled with worry and anxiety. You feel like your losing hope and are physically and emotionally exhausted.

I’ve worked with couples who were told they could not have a baby and now have their much-longed for child. I combine my 20+ years of experience with the vital latest developments in technology and research in this expanding field. My integrated approach looks at your current physicaland emotional state, while providing complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

From no hope to a healthy baby.
Many of my clients come to me after they’ve been told there is no hope or possibility to have a baby and their fertility results indicate their chances of conceiving are very low. We put together a positive strategy that helped them move forward and have a healthy baby.
“Linda was my rock during those three years from being introduced to the world of fertility treatments with all its possibilities and frustrations to finally bringing my child for her to meet.”

I provide a confidential and reassuring space for you to share your deepest fears and private frustrations. My 20+ years and deep expertise in fertility includes:

• Guiding couples through the confusion around fertility
• Listening deeply to the fears and reservations couples or individuals may have around treatment
• Providing a compassionate and honest approach by supporting emotions and challenges
• Clearly explaining menstrual cycles and the fertility ‘window’
• Reminding them of their focus when they feel like they are losing hope
• Supporting them when they are disheartened or feel like giving up
• Helping women and men make lifestyle changes so that their fertility health is optimized
• Advising men through the confusion and sensitivity around their fertility
• Guiding women who wish to freeze their eggs and women who chose donor insemination
• Getting to the heart of specific challenges quickly to avoid wasting precious time
• Taking a calm and focused approach that helps people achieve their goals
• Utilizing the best options by supporting lifestyle changes, having the right test, choosing a fertility clinic or knowing when to seek a new approach
• Being a source of strength and compassion during the two-week wait to taking the next pregnancy test

Get Pregnant Faster with a Fertility Coach

Everything is made better with support.

Infertility and its causes are psychologically overwhelming. The resulting heartache is often exacerbated by the physical emotional and financial strain of treatment and it can cause a huge psychological toll for the couple or individual.

When questioned, both men and women found the process of assisted Fertility Treatment made them anxious or depressed stating low self-esteem, stigma, medication side-effects, financial concerns and uncertainty of outcome all contributing to infertility related stress.

A study of fertility problems conducted by Middlesex University and Fertility Network UK, shows that more than half of all respondents feel sad, out of control, frustrated, helpless and fearful and worries nearly all of the time and 90% of these respondents reported feeling depressed. 

Those who learn they have fertility challenges often experience the same emotions as those grieving any significant loss shock, grief, depression, anger, frustration, low self-esteem, low self confidence, loss of control over their destiny.

Relationships frequently suffer, not only those between the partners trying to conceive but those with family friends, when misguided advice and opinions are offered. Couples dealing with infertility may start to avoid social interactions with friends who are pregnant or have small children.

Trying to conceive can also lead to anxiety related sexual intimacy and other marital conflicts.

Optimising your chances of conceiving naturally is preferable. The percentage of people who have IVF is very small, however much-needed medical intervention is sometimes the only way to start a family.

You need to get help and support for choices and outcomes. Together we will find coping strategies to provide help with making decisions, as you will face many choices if you wish to undergo treatment your lifestyle, sleep patterns and relationships may need to be improved.

Relaxation techniques, dietary adjustments and the right gentle exercise is vital.

What will working with me bring you?

Imagine having:  

  • A clear course of action so that you are no longer frantically looking for the latest fertility information and jumping from one thing to another
  • Regular periods and knowing when you are ovulating
  • Peace of mind that you and your partner have healthy eggs and sperm
  • Having someone to confide in and support you during this often stressful process
  • The intimacy you and your partner once had
  • Expert advice on the right clinic, if appropriate, and recommendations for other professionals
  • Guidance to improve egg or sperm quality, womb lining, hormonal and endocrine issues
  • Support in managing frustrations and dealing with disappointment
  • Having someone to turn to that you trust will guide you

As your fertility expert, I will be with you during the stress and uncertainty. You’ll have me to give you the strength to keep going during the confusion, hope and disappointment bringing you to your ultimate goal of having a healthy baby.  

Your personalized fertility course of action will include: 

  • Lifestyle advice including how to manage stress and the foods that help with conception because a healthy pregnancy relies on having a healthy body and mind
  • Observing and charting your menstrual cycle and fertile window to optimize natural conception
  • Managing hormonal and endocrine issues
  • Suggestions to check physical issues such as:
    • Fallopian tubes are free from blockages
    • Fibroids
    • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
    • Painful intercourse
  • Identifying your follicular, ovulation and luteal phases and the best things to do during each phase
  • Understanding cervical PH
  • Support to help with the stress and anxiety that you may encounter during your struggle
  • Explain postcoital testing
  • Listening to men who have their own personal set of emotions
  • Reducing cortisol
  • Pregnancy and postpartum care

Medical doctors agree that 6-12 weeks of positive lifestyle changes can improve the quality of sperm and the lining of the endometrium (Source: NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) 

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