Choosing your fertility clinic

Choosing your fertility clinic

The most important thing you can do when making decisions about your fertility treatment is to ensure you are well informed.

If the time has come to consider Assisted Reproductive Treatment, there is understandable confusion about where to go and what is the right course of action for you.
When I coach couples, this is a topic it comes with a lot of questions and I have years of experience guiding and preparing you and helping you make the right choice for you.

What questions do you have that need answers? What will be the thing that defines your choice?

• A good personal connection with the Doctor may be the most important thing for you.
• Cost may be the most important deciding factor.
• Proximity to home or work bearing in mind you will need frequent visits for blood tests, scans and appointments for treatment.
• A recommendation from a friend who has had a good experience at a clinic.
• A particular consultant may attract you with their personality.
• If statistical outcomes and data driveyou there will be clear choices too.
• Many things can all play a part in the decision-making process.

I can help you to get statistics on the client experience for registered clinics rather than looking on the clinic website for statistics which may be presented in their favour.
Registered Fertility and embryology clinics are evaluated every 2 years although personally I think it should be annually and are regulated by the Government to make sure they comply with the law. They give inspection ratings, patient ratings and live birth rates (not just pregnancy rates).

A clinic may state they have named nurse systems, so you are cared for throughout your treatment by one or two named professionals.

You will be able to find out if female Doctors are available which is vital due to cultural sensitivities.

There is a lot of variety in the range of treatments available ICSI, IUI, IVF, Fertility Investigation and Preservation, Sperm testing and PGT (Preimplantation Genetic testing). Take control and know what they all mean.

Most clinics hold open days / evenings where you can take a guided tour of the facility, meet the staff and ask questions. You may choose to go through this process multiple times to get a feel of which facility you prefer to help you get pregnant faster.

You need to be made aware of any risks of fertility treatment, so transparency is valuable.
You may favour a clinic with a more holistic approach that incorporates a multi-disciplined treatment plan. You may want to do a natural cycle merely observing ovulation with drugs.
You may choose to opt for treatment abroad which may be more economical or allow you to do IVF with a later upper age limit (helping you to get pregnant over 40) or transfer of multiple embryos to get pregnant faster.

I have walked by the side of many women who have chosen donor insemination through IUI or IVF and I love to support them on their journey.

Lesbian couples may need help deciding which will donate the eggs and which will carry the baby and the clinic needs to empathetic about this.

Please do contact me so I can help you today to begin to create the family you long for.

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