Complete Confidentiality With Your Fertility Coach

Complete Confidentiality With Your Fertility Coach

Complete confidentiality

What I will offer you in my programmes is a promise of complete professional confidentially it is regarded as one of the foundations of a therapeutic relationship. Women and couples trying to take care of their health in preparation for conception or those actively trying to get pregnant need confidentiality.

Until I started to work online all of my clients came to me through recommendation which, of course, meant that a friend, a work colleague or a relative would recommend me, and the matter of confidentiality was particularly important.

It’s challenging talking about your health and well-being at the best of times but when it’s such a sensitive, emotional and also sometimes financially challenging subject confidentiality is of paramount importance.

The conversations I may have are ones about –


Bodily functions

Every question I ask is a diagnostic one and it has a reason for being asked. I often start consultations by explaining why I ask questions that may to seem unusual or irrelevant but there is always a good reason.

The functioning of the digestive system including how well food is digested and how often the bowels move and if this is with ease.

The menstrual cycle and it there are symptoms of pre menstrual tension, the flow of the period and if there is clotting or cramming with the bleed.

Intimacy between a couple 
It can be difficult to be spontaneous when you are focused ono or actively trying to conceive the romance seems to disappear and men can begin to feel like they must perform to order and in some cases are a sperm donor. We will find ways to keep the your lovemaking spontaneous and tender.
Pregnancy advice
Sexual activity  Once a woman is used to accurately identifying their ovulation time it is surprising how often I ask if they had sex during this time and the answer comes back as “No”. If one person in the partnership is repeatedly “Too tired” or “Too stressed” the may be an indicator that they are not fully expressing how they feel about having a child or are simply not at the same stage as the other person and they are not ready or committed. These things ned to be discussed and I will offer you the best way to deal with them. Hopes and dreams  There is a fine line to be navigated between hoping and dreaming, staying positive and being realistic and not getting overwhelmed when trying to have a baby – particularly if you are undergoing treatment at a fertility clinic where you may be investing a lot of your money trying to have the baby you are holding in your heart. It is absolutely vital to have somebody who can be completely trusted for their confidentiality.  There are so many things to discuss, work your way through and explore that having total confidence that somebody is completely invested in your interests and will listen deeply with compassion and be able to hear and receive anything you have to say. I recommend journalling as a way of expressing yourself once this becomes an easy habit it is almost like talking to yourself, expressing and unfolding your self on paper so you are able to honestly recognise and reflect how you are feeling and which patterns are coming the you many not want to recognise. Act today and choose to have a trusted professional fertility expert by your side so you can navigate the way though with me to help and yes you can get pregnant !

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