Coping with heartbreak

Coping with heartbreak

Women who do not have support will struggle more.

When a couple or individual undergo fertility treatment at a Fertility clinic in London or elsewhere, there is a fine line between being optimistic and being realistic.
Some practitioners believe that meditation and visualisation, welcoming in the spirit of your baby into your life, imagining holding your baby in your arms can help you prepare you and your womb.

It is really really really hard when you have tried to walk that fine line between being positive and being pragmatic then having to cope when Fertility Treatment does not work out the way you wanted, personally I really dislike the phrase failed cycle, that is a somewhat more medical term.

It is completely devastating to get a negative test result and this is usually when a woman gets her periods after the two week wait, during which time everything is out of control, (this is particularly difficult for someone who is used to working hard, being very focused and then achieving their goals) This is the time when nothing you can do will change the outcome. Some of my clients feel very anxious, others try to cary on as normal and forget about it but it is always at the back of their mind. The anxiety can cause sleepless nights and this is often when clients contact me as the need to express themselves without judgement.

It is has been described to me many times by my clients fertility coaching clients as a grieving similar to a bereavement and in a way, choosing my words carefully, it is the death of hope, the end of a dream that you had dared to allow yourself to imagine. This is also a time when having a fertility coach by your side is particularly beneficial, someone who has known you and your history and can be there to guide and support you.

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There will come a time when you begin to decide whether to undergo another cycle of treatment and if so trying to figure out if there’s anything you can do to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy and how to increase fertility naturally.

Should you have add on treatments? There are many available such as embryo glue, endometrial scratching, IV drips, different types of supplements and acupuncture for pregnancy.

Whether to try again or to stop is an enormous decision. I feel that it is one which should be made getting plenty of support emotionally with myself as a fertility coach and also medically of course with your treatment doctor.

You may have frozen embryos ready to use, you may be concerned about your age – there are so many things to consider, your fertility clinic may suggest a different approach and of course there are endless sometimes conflicting pieces of advice available about when is the best time to transfer embryos.

I have spent years advising, listening and helping couples and individuals through this process and I really encourage you to choose a professional person to support you. I know where the best London consultation for fertility treatments are, I know what you need and I will support you fully.

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