Easy lifestyle changes for improving sperm quality

Easy lifestyle changes for improving sperm quality

The average sperm count for a man has plummeted over the past few decades, so much so the doctors have had to redefine what is ‘normal’. Environmental toxins are amongst the prime suspects, the quality of sperm has dropped too, while abnormalities have increased. Women’s bodies are also affected although these changes are more complex to track than a sperm count, so have been less comprehensively researched. In the case of unexplained infertility or repeated miscarriages both men and women need to be evaluated for environmental toxin exposure it’s not just the woman’s body that may be responsible. Exposure to chemicals have found to increase rates of miscarriage and infertility common toxin such as pesticides, lead, mercury and other heavy metals, addition of chlorine to our drinking water and cigarette smoke have been linked to a wide range of fertility problems in both men and women, including low sperm count, poor sperm motility, increased sperm abnormalities, higher levels of DNA damaged sperm, reduced semen quality, impotence, increase miscarriage, higher rates of endometriosis, failure of IVF  and explained infertility. These are just a few well studied examples from a very long list. I am focusing on just two Dioxin and Xenoestrogens

“Excessive heat can lower the sperm count, very hot baths, very hot sauna, electric blankets, heated car seats”

Dioxins are chemicals that are byproducts of industrial processes such as bleaching paper which can interfere with the bodies hormone system, can alter menstrual cycles, increase the risk of endometriosis, lower testosterone levels, lower sperm quality and decrease sperm production.  Dioxins are attracted to and stored in fat -the fat in animals that youreat and in your own body so a healthy body mass index is crucial.You can control how much of the dioxin you are exposed to – the biggest sources of it is beef, milk, dairy, poultry, meat and eggs. My advice is to limit the intake of animal products and switch to organic meat, low-fat and lean meats when you do want to eat them. Do not exclude facts in general from your diet but reduce animal fats. Coconut oil, nuts and avocado are wonderful healthy fats. The second chemical group Xenoestrogens they mimic oestrogen in the body causing confusion to the proper performance of the real oestrogen. The male as well as female body produce oestrogen, although women make much more oestrogen.  It is crucial to the workings of the reproductive system is but is also plays an important role in bone development, growth, circulation and metabolism.Oestrogens are released into environment in pesticides, plastic, paints and toiletries. Where you can again buy organic, do not heat food up in the microwave in plastic containers, do not use surround wrap or cling film, do not put hot food into a plastic containers, tried to reduce phthalates (used in many cosmetics and fragrances) and parabens, stop smoking, limit caffeine, avoid alcohol be mindful of medications. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure medication, cough medicines, decongestants, diuretics painkillers, sleeping pills, steroids, drugs for ulcers, antifungal medication, migraine medication can all affect sperm quality. Excessive heat can lower the sperm count, very hot baths, very hot sauna, electric blankets, heated car seats  The scientific proof behind living a fertile lifestyle for men and reducing miscarriage for women Dr Bruce Lipton biologist in US he has proven for example that genetic conditions can be overwritten with environmental factors your lifestyle choices actually.

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