Get Pregnant Faster with a Fertility Coach

Get Pregnant Faster with a Fertility Coach

Everything is made better with support.

Infertility and its causes are psychologically overwhelming. The resulting heartache is often exacerbated by the physical emotional and financial strain of treatment and it can cause a huge psychological toll for the couple or individual.

When questioned, both men and women found the process of assisted Fertility Treatment made them anxious or depressed stating low self-esteem, stigma, medication side-effects, financial concerns and uncertainty of outcome all contributing to infertility related stress.

A study of fertility problems conducted by Middlesex University and Fertility Network UK, shows that more than half of all respondents feel sad, out of control, frustrated, helpless and fearful and worries nearly all of the time and 90% of these respondents reported feeling depressed. 

Those who learn they have fertility challenges often experience the same emotions as those grieving any significant loss shock, grief, depression, anger, frustration, low self-esteem, low self confidence, loss of control over their destiny.

Relationships frequently suffer, not only those between the partners trying to conceive but those with family friends, when misguided advice and opinions are offered. Couples dealing with infertility may start to avoid social interactions with friends who are pregnant or have small children.

Trying to conceive can also lead to anxiety related sexual intimacy and other marital conflicts.

Optimising your chances of conceiving naturally is preferable. The percentage of people who have IVF is very small, however much-needed medical intervention is sometimes the only way to start a family.

You need to get help and support for choices and outcomes. Together we will find coping strategies to provide help with making decisions, as you will face many choices if you wish to undergo treatment your lifestyle, sleep patterns and relationships may need to be improved.

Relaxation techniques, dietary adjustments and the right gentle exercise is vital.

What will working with me bring you?

Imagine having:  

  • A clear course of action so that you are no longer frantically looking for the latest fertility information and jumping from one thing to another
  • Regular periods and knowing when you are ovulating
  • Peace of mind that you and your partner have healthy eggs and sperm
  • Having someone to confide in and support you during this often stressful process
  • The intimacy you and your partner once had
  • Expert advice on the right clinic, if appropriate, and recommendations for other professionals
  • Guidance to improve egg or sperm quality, womb lining, hormonal and endocrine issues
  • Support in managing frustrations and dealing with disappointment
  • Having someone to turn to that you trust will guide you

As your fertility expert, I will be with you during the stress and uncertainty. You’ll have me to give you the strength to keep going during the confusion, hope and disappointment bringing you to your ultimate goal of having a healthy baby.  

Your personalized fertility course of action will include: 

  • Lifestyle advice including how to manage stress and the foods that help with conception because a healthy pregnancy relies on having a healthy body and mind
  • Observing and charting your menstrual cycle and fertile window to optimize natural conception
  • Managing hormonal and endocrine issues
  • Suggestions to check physical issues such as:
    • Fallopian tubes are free from blockages
    • Fibroids
    • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
    • Painful intercourse
  • Identifying your follicular, ovulation and luteal phases and the best things to do during each phase
  • Understanding cervical PH
  • Support to help with the stress and anxiety that you may encounter during your struggle
  • Explain postcoital testing
  • Listening to men who have their own personal set of emotions
  • Reducing cortisol
  • Pregnancy and postpartum care

Medical doctors agree that 6-12 weeks of positive lifestyle changes can improve the quality of sperm and the lining of the endometrium (Source: NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) 

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