Preparation for motherhood

Preparation for motherhood

During my 3 month programme if the woman happily becomes pregnant during that time I convert the remaining sessions to prenatal care. Many women choose to engage with me again in the lead up to the birth and during the first few weeks of their baby’s life.
There are many things to discuss with me particularly as an acupuncturist with my in depth medical knowledge and my vast network of support therapists.
I recommend Hypnobirthing which is mostly about breathing techniques, being prepared for the birth and learning how to handle the medical birth process.

Finding a specialist massage therapist qualified in pregnancy treatments, acupuncturist, pregnancy yoga teacher and other expert practitioners in your area.
You may wish to source a Doula to help you in preparation for a home or hospital delivery and during your labour.

It is vital to have support and a person to talk to who you can express yourself with freely when you are a new mother. Part of the work I do is to listen and offer guidance to women when they are feeling emotional and are judging themselves, sometimes very harshly, in the first few weeks at home with their new baby.
It has been suggested that new mothers who feel low aren’t depressed, they are just in shock. There is a transition into motherhood during which significant neurobiological, physical and emotional changes can create emotional upheaval resulting in anxiety and exhaustion. There is tremendous guilt felt by mothers if they are not feeling elated and dreamily happy all the time as a new mother. Nothing at all can prepare a woman for the exhaustion of motherhood.
There is such a push and pull of feelings – the totally overwhelming sense of responsibility, or even feeling trapped, this tiny being that has arrived along with a rollercoaster of hormones and the joy at having your baby in your life at last.

Usually after a couple of sessions with me where my patient is allowed to fully and honestly express the myriad of feelings they have, many say they feel relieved and the sense of guilt at ‘not enjoying motherhood’ or ‘finding it difficult’ would melt away.

I understand through years of experience that parents are not overjoyed 24 hours a day, how you feel can change day to day or even hour to hour.

Maternity nurses are absolutely wonderful for getting your babies into a routine, relieving the anxiety of all the small things a newborn does, are they crying because they are in pain? Or simply too hot? I know a lot of women who have resisted having a maternity nurse as they want to have the baby all to themselves and be alone to bond with the child and the father/ partner… only to call me after a couple of weeks asking for recommendations for a night nurse or maternity nurse.

As a first time mother you have never done this before and as with any new role help and instruction are§ valuable. A good maternity nurse will know when to give you the privacy and space you need.

Be kind to yourself, be gentle, rest when you can, follow your intuition and ask for help.

No matter where you are on your fertility journey, you will receive a tailor-made programme for you.
Perhaps you are thinking of starting a family and want to be fertility fit. Or you’ve started to try to conceive and feel frustrated that it is not happening as quickly as you thought. Or you’ve faced obstacles, disappointment and negativity from the medical profession and need positive professional advice to move on. You will receive the exact support you need, no matter what stage you are at.

You’ll also receive:
1. A Clear Start providing you with a strong strategy of how to move forward and you get the results you want:

  •  We start by taking a very detailed case history that includes medical, physical and emotion events in your life, your menstrual and reproductive history, lifestyle habits and challenges;
  • This information determines what we will focus on first, second and third;
  •  From there, we agree what realistic goals we can set.

2. Total Support so we can eliminate unnecessary stress and heartache from your life.
I will:

  • Provide absolute support to an individual or couple trying to conceive;
  •  Understand your needs and concerns and never judge or ever think a question is irrelevant or silly;
  • Provide the safe space you need to air your frustrations:
  • We will meet weekly to discuss what stage you are at on your fertility journey.

3. Awakened Awareness so that you understand your cycles, alleviating stress and bringing joy and happiness in your journey to conception:

  •  If you don’t already understand your menstrual cycle and ovulation, I will give you a clear understanding of fertile signs and pinpointing your fertile time;
  •  You will feel empowered and strong;
  • If you have experienced setbacks and feel despondent we take a fresh look at what you can do differently, there are a lot of options for you.

4. Emotional and Mental Balance with tailor-made strategies to help you stay optimistic and grounded:

  • We will explore any negative emotions or traumas that may be subconsciously blocking you;
  •  Together, we will find the appropriate tools and methods for you so that you have a more peaceful, calm and centered path.

5. Look at Test Results to give you the optimum conditions for conception:

  •  Repeated blood results can be confusing and frustrating, I will take the time to look at results with you and see when natural therapies can improve your readings;
  •  Women often measure their fertility by an AMH reading but this should not be taken in isolation; if you have a high FHS this can be improved.

6. When to Visit a Specialist knowing when you need to take a different approach can be hard:

  •  Infertility is the phrase used when a couple have not achieved a pregnancy even though they are having unprotected sex every day or two at the woman’s fertile time;
  •  This can be traumatic but if you start to talk to family and friends you will realise it is much more common than you think;
  • I can help you decide which clinic is best for you what statistics can and can’t tell you and other factors to be taken into account.

7. Manage your Anxiety to cope with the confusing choices. I will provide you with a safe, non-judging and personal place to share:

  • Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of having a baby and a family since you were a girl;
  • Fertility challenges may be the first big crisis of your life and one that you don’t seem to be able to control, especially since you’ve worked hard to achieve results in other areas of your life.

8. Often a high percentage of men feel sad and isolated when trying to have a baby.
Men don’t always want to keep on talking to their partner about their feelings. Sometimes they cannot handle a woman’s tears, they feel embarrassed by humiliating sperm tests. This is not how they thought they would make a baby:

  •  I am highly skilled at talking to men about all aspects of their life, sexual health and emotions;
  • We can have joint calls with you as a couple or individual sessions with your male partner to restore their self esteem and give them back their confidence.

My integrated approach looks at your current physicaland emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

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