Is Trying to Get Pregnant Making You Feel Out of Control?

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who desperately want to have a baby.

They come to the right point in their life and if they don’t get pregnant immediately, they can’t believe it.

It may be the first time they haven’t been about to achieve the goal they’ve been going after. For the first time, they’re dealing with something out of their control.

“The amount of stress anxiety and tension that can build up within the physical body actually is detrimental to conception…”

You’ve done everything you were supposed to:

  • Studied and done well in your education,
  • Secured a good job through hard work,
  • Followed your career path with effort and determination to achieve what you want

However your body it’s not responding the way you want. It may be the first time you find yourself unable to work hard and focus to get what you want.

The amount of stress anxiety and tension that can build up within the physical body actually is in itself detrimental to conception, however one cannot help the way they are and sometimes you need guidance, advice and to be pointed in the right direction.

There may be additional services or support you need such as

  • taking some time off from a high-pressure job
  • getting a fertility massage
  • making your commute easier
  • being in nature
  • visiting an art gallery
  • getting together with friends – laughter is very healing.
  • escaping from your thoughts at the cinema
  • do something that feeds your soul and giving yourself a break

In this day and age most women are their hardest taskmasters and sometimes we need to be reminded and given permission to do nothing – you’re not wasting your time you are investing in your health

Contact me now and know

  • You have a constant companion in me
  • All the emotions you are feeling are normal
  • There are ways to make this easier
  • I have the experience and expertise to help you.

Is conceiving much harder than you ever anticipated?

My integrated approach looks at your current physical and emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

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