baby without partner

Desperately want a baby but don’t have a partner? You have options.

If only we had the benefit of hindsight….

Maybe you would have lived your life differently but there has to be an acceptance of where we are now.

There always seems to be something to do before thinking about having a baby. I am based in London and this city was not as quick as the US for example at using online dating sites now of course there are many (as well as apps where long profiles are not needed) one can create a connection more easily – however for some people they still feel this is not for them.

“There always seems to be something to do before thinking about having a baby.”

There is such a fine line for women between focusing on finding a partner and looking desperate! Then somebody will say “Oh it will happen when you least expect it” or “Stop looking and you are going to find the one” all these throwaway comments can be so annoying and hurtful, particularly if a person is lonely at home, feels isolated and unloved and has not been in a relationship sometimes for years.

All you may want more than anything a lovely hug and companionship.

Focusing on the perfect partner creates an impossible shopping list of the required attributes, then there is the should I settle question?

Is this Mr right or Mr right now?

If you’re 41 and you’ve met a new man the clock is ticking however you don’t want to come across as desperate and start talking about having children within weeks or sometimes months of forming a relationship (that’s once you know it is a relationship and there is some type of exclusivity or commitment!!).

There are so many hurdles to overcome and sometimes you don’t want to talk to your mother about this, sometimes all your girlfriends seem to be in the ideal relationship and it’s not particularly a conversation you want to have with your work colleagues.

If you are considering ?

  • fertility treatment
  • donor eggs
  • donor insemination
  • freezing your own eggs

I can offer you the juxtaposition between taking the first step of going to a clinic or your doctor or just chatting with your girlfriends.

My discussions with you are confidential and professional. I have the knowledge to guide you when are feel lost and confused. I have spent many years in practice helping women to see what they really want -evaluating their situation, needs, and desires honestly.

Is conceiving much harder than you ever anticipated?

My integrated approach looks at your current physical and emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

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