Trying to Conceive – Emotions and The Five Elements

Emotions are classified into five predominant states: joy, rumination, sadness, fear, and anger. These states correspond to the five evolving elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. The five emotions are generated by the activities of the five organ networks when they are stimulated by external change. Thus the emotions are a manifestation of the energy of the organ networks and may be thought of as the motivation energy of the body. The continual shift of emotional states is a natural phenomenon. Most children embody this spontaneity, moving through and experiencing a range of feelings in a short period of time without getting stuck. However, dwelling on one particular emotion will disrupt the natural cycles of energy transformation and circulation within the body and throw stress upon the corresponding organ. If dwelling on one emotion continued to excess, the stress from imbalance can result in disease.

Emotions are classified into five predominant states: joy, rumination, sadness, fear, and anger

Anger, the emotion of the liver network, rises so that the energy is strongest in the head and shoulders. The nervous system, which corresponds with the wood element, extends the energy of the liver-gall-bladder network and developed like a tree. The rising motion of the liver’s energy can be seen when a person becomes angry, causing the blood to rush to the head and face, and the face becomes red. The energy from anger can be used constructively to get through a situation of persistent obstruction with confidence. However, high blood pressure, headaches, and pain in the neck, shoulders, and head may be the consequences of prolonged anger. In severe situations stroke and heart attack may result. Joy, the emotion of the heart- small intestine network, concentrates energy in the chest, allowing the opening of our hearts to promote acceptance and love. Our indulging in happiness causes our heart energy to become dispersed, though, affecting the functions of the other organ networks as well. Imbalance arising from extreme joy and excitement may present abnormal heartbeat, palpitation, dizziness, tiredness, and in severe instances, fainting or loss of consciousness. Grief or sadness is the emotion of the lung-large intestine network. Though the heaviest of all emotional energies, sadness produces tears that wash away pain, sorrow, and anguish. In healthy expressions, the tenderness of sadness promotes empathy, caring, and understanding, which bring out the humanity in all of us. Fear, the emotion of the kidney-bladder network, concentrates this system’s energy downward to the abdomen and lower extremities. The abdomen is where one’s physical essence is stored and can be accessed. Therefore it is not surprising that far is the greatest motivator of human behaviour. Fear in excess creates paralysis rather than action, and is the single biggest obstacle to achieving our full potential. Extreme fear of pain can cause some people to become addicted to substances. And since fear drives energy downward, extreme fear can cause some people to involuntarily move their bowels or pass urine, and in severe cases they become incontinent. other symptoms of imbalance from fear include pain and weakness in the lower back and legs. Rumination, the emotion of the spleen-pancreas-stomach network, concentrates energy within the brain. When we continually ponder problems, the most frequent symptom experienced is insomnia. In this case, the energy stays in the brain at night instead of following its normal course of descending to the lower part of the body, which allows us to sleep peacefully.Worry, a variation of the energy of the spleen-pancreas-stomach network, coagulates energy so that the body becomes sluggish. When energy congeals from worry, we become unable to do even the smallest of tasks. When the spleen-pancreas-stomach network is unable to transform nutrients and transport waste freely, we become prone to digestive problems.

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