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Everyday Toxins and Fertility Support

What is your fertility clinic London doing to make you aware of everyday toxins?

The meaning of the word toxin is a poisonous substance that causes disease.

We are always being made aware about toxins in our life and there is a fine line between concern and doing the best we can and this becoming a neurotic worry that in itself makes us sick. “Sick with worry” which raises our cortisol levels and leads to obsessive compulsive behaviour.

How is this effecting fertility rates in the UK?

Endocrine disruptors mess with our hormones in our bodies endocrine systems. They have been linked to brain disorders, reproductive issues and obesity.

These would not show up in a standard fertility clinic test.

From deodorant to perfume to cleaning products and other ingredients we put onto our bodies and use in our home they are a growing area of health concerns.

They are of concern for your fertility as they influence implantation of egg, egg quality and the quality of the sperm. They can cross the placenta barrier and get to the foetus.

What are forever chemicals? Did you know they can be in menstrual products? Feminine hygiene products have been contaminated with PFAS known as forever chemicals because they do not break down. They have been linked to decreased fertility, high blood pressure, low birth weight in babies and reduced immunity along with many more.

A fertility clinic should arrange for you to have these things tested.

Avoid plastic as much as possible and use biodegradable compostable bags such as those made from seaweed.

There are coatings on the labels for canned food which are toxic when chemicals are used to print and coat labels. Importantly avoid till and credit card machine receipts at all costs. BPA, a chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastics, as well as bisphenol S or BPS have been detected on receipts from retailers and restaurants. Receipts are a common exposure route for hormone-disrupting bisphenols which easily absorb through the skin.

If you stay in a hotel room that has got plug-in air fresheners, please remove them immediately and put them outside the room. The same goes for highly coloured fragranced potpourri, any type of plug-in electric spray freshener in your room. They are all cheap and synthetic when I’m staying in a room, I do a sweep through the room immediately to see if there’s anything including electric mosquito repellent plug-ins which are full of chemicals.

If you want to use something as an air freshener, I suggest a spray with purified water and essential oils or placing a few drops of essential oils on a tissue.

Please make sure they are unadulterated – no synthetics, high, good quality organic from a reputable supplier.

Cleaning fluids, washing powders, the cover on our car seats, train seat, airline seats, shower curtains – everything we come into contact with on a daily basis have now got plastics in them  and these chemicals have no benefit to be in your body.
They can have an accumulative effect, and fertility rates are effected detrimentally by age. There is a genetic influence but the environment we live in and our everyday activities are very influential.

How is this effecting the fertility rate in the UK?

It is said there are 80,000 man-made chemicals in circulation and we only have information for one percent.

Personal care items should be organic, wherever possible, avoid the word natural as this does not help, petrol is natural, petroleum oil is natural do you want to consume that? No of course not.

If you’re using cosmetics – shampoo, body sprays, conditioners anything like this make sure it is organic where possible.

I enjoy using aura sprays which are now widely available and if you must use fragrance, my suggestion is to spray it sparingly onto your clothes do not put it on your neck or directly onto your skin.

There are phthalates in fragrances. They make the fragrances stick on to your body and make the smell to last longer.

For decades I have used pure essential oils as a perfume for my environment or on my body – bear in mind if you’re trying to conceive, or you are pregnant, there should be applied in the tiniest of dilution, or put on a tissue and kept about your person

Plastics can be in vitamin capsules, there are governing bodies which analyse the capsules of supplements and you need to be sure of the purity of supplements.

 They disrupt your endocrine function, block your natural hormones, block enzyme levels and affect hormone levels in your body.

For decades, I have preferred to wear natural fabrics, good quality cotton and linen and woollens in a winter climate, but why are synthetic fabrics so harmful?

Nylon is made by condensation polymerisation. This is converted into a heated condensed product called nylon which is a polymer. There are petrochemicals used for polymerisation of nylon, which are not eco-friendly and certainly not good for a woman trying to get pregnant. Chemicals in the form of residues are retained by nylon fabric even after manufacturing is finished, it is a bad conductor of heat does not allow sweat and body heat to pass through.

Polyester is formed by condensing polymerisation of two monomers, plastics are trapped inside the fabric during the manufacturing process.

Phytoestrogens are emitted by polyester which actor as and endocrine disruptor.

Spandex used in so many forms of underwear, contour wear and sports leggings and yoga pants during manufacture of the spandex fibre polyurethane is dissolved in a strong solvent. DMF Di-methyl formamide
These fibres and wearing them for extended duration, causes skin allergies and they do not allow the body to breathe and can lead to bacterial infections.

Viscose made from rayon fibres which are prepared by treated wood chips with a number of chemicals, one includes caustic soda.

Think about what you’re wearing, touching and consuming please.

Opening The Discussion Around Fertility on The Harley Street Edit Podcast

Opening the Conversation Around Fertility

I had the wonderful opportunity to join Shradha Nund on The Harley Street Edit Podcast to discuss fertility and how I support people in their fertility journey.

In the podcast episode we discussed:

  • My background and how I got into Fertility Coaching
  • What is a fertility coach?
  • Fertility journeys and when to see a fertility coach
  • Opening the conversation around fertility in a relationship
  • Feeling on the outside
  • A male’s emotional journey
  • The financial implications

It was such a pleasure to open the discussion about fertility and to be on this podcast.

The podcast is available here.

Is conceiving much harder than you ever anticipated?

My integrated approach looks at your current physical and emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

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“I was told by many doctors and specialist I would not be able to have a baby which broke my heart, due to sub fertility issues, after closely following Linda’s recommendations I gave birth to a healthy daughter who has filled our lives with joy.”
“Linda you really are a magical part of my life and I am so grateful for YOU.”

You may also want to investigate a Three-Months Programme, a One-Month Programme or a Two-Hours Intensive.

Is Trying to Get Pregnant Making You Feel Out of Control?

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who desperately want to have a baby.

They come to the right point in their life and if they don’t get pregnant immediately, they can’t believe it.

It may be the first time they haven’t been about to achieve the goal they’ve been going after. For the first time, they’re dealing with something out of their control.

“The amount of stress anxiety and tension that can build up within the physical body actually is detrimental to conception…”

You’ve done everything you were supposed to:

  • Studied and done well in your education,
  • Secured a good job through hard work,
  • Followed your career path with effort and determination to achieve what you want

However your body it’s not responding the way you want. It may be the first time you find yourself unable to work hard and focus to get what you want.

The amount of stress anxiety and tension that can build up within the physical body actually is in itself detrimental to conception, however one cannot help the way they are and sometimes you need guidance, advice and to be pointed in the right direction.

There may be additional services or support you need such as

  • taking some time off from a high-pressure job
  • getting a fertility massage
  • making your commute easier
  • being in nature
  • visiting an art gallery
  • getting together with friends – laughter is very healing.
  • escaping from your thoughts at the cinema
  • do something that feeds your soul and giving yourself a break

In this day and age most women are their hardest taskmasters and sometimes we need to be reminded and given permission to do nothing – you’re not wasting your time you are investing in your health

Contact me now and know

  • You have a constant companion in me
  • All the emotions you are feeling are normal
  • There are ways to make this easier
  • I have the experience and expertise to help you.

Is conceiving much harder than you ever anticipated?

My integrated approach looks at your current physical and emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

Learn More About Working Together

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How much money have you spent trying to have a baby

When a couple tries to have a baby, their finances are rarely at the forefront of their minds. Most people think the baby will come to them naturally and easily. They think about buying cute clothes and setting up a beautiful nursery.

When pregnancy does not come easily, couples will often start to consider fertility support and money quickly becomes more of a concern.

If you were guaranteed a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby most people would be willing to invest money in achieving that goal.

“Achieving pregnancy can feel like a game of Russian roulette…”

However, achieving pregnancy can feel like a game of Russian roulette, gambling with the odds stacked against. Fertility treatments can make you feel like you’re throwing money at the problem. Yet there is no guarantee you’ll get the results you’re desperate for.

Fertility can bring on tremendous financial pressure. I’ve seen:

  • Situations where a woman has paid for all the fertility treatment (in the couple) and feels isolated as she wants it more than him.
  • Men become resentful when they have paid without getting the result they want.
  • Women using donor insemination struggle repeatedly to pay the mounting bills.

Instead of throwing more money at the problem, I like to explore new avenues of thought.

For instance:

  • Are there any medications which could be impeding your chances of conceiving?
  • Is your lifestyle optimal for conception?
  • How do you right size this investment against the rest of your life?
  • Do you give up holidays, or school fees for an existing sibling?
  • Is this causing arguments with your partner?
  • If you are a single woman are your friends and family judging you for your choices? (which are hard enough in the first place actually).
  • Are these financial strains impacting your relationship?
  • Do want to save money and heartache?

Love, support, guidance, a sounding board and valuable advice is what I will give to you so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding your fertility.

Is conceiving much harder than you ever anticipated?

My integrated approach looks at your current physical and emotional state, while providing you with complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

Learn More About Working Together

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