The Cost of ART

The Cost of ART

Assisted Reproductive Technology

The desire to have a baby is a strong, primal, internal and somewhat unexplainable force that can come slowly or suddenly for a woman or a couple.
Treatment can have an emotional, physical and financial cost, that at times can seem overwhelming and lonely.

I coach women and couples at all stages of their fertility journey and having expert professional guidance can help you get pregnant faster and support you while you successfully navigate a myriad of choices and decisions.
You will find other articles in this Library about choosing the right clinic for you and your particular needs, here I want to talk about the way to mitigate the cost of ART.

I have guided hundreds of couples through assisted fertility treatment and it is a unique and personal experience for everyone.
Before I started to work online all my clients came to me through recommendation – 100% were friends, family or work colleagues of those who have already found success with me and my fertility coaching support and solutions.

We have all seen the sensational articles in newspaper and magazines about “My £60’000 IVF baby”
“I spent $45’000 on IFV and it was worth every penny.”

It is not just the financial cost which can be huge – but the emotional and physical cost of going through treatment and you will benefit greatly from having a coach by your side who is 100% focused on you and your best interests, not a clinic selling you more expensive treatments, procedures and confusing add on treatments.

The Physical
“I feel my body has let me down, why isn’t it working properly, what have I done wrong”
Before you have tried to conceive you may not have questioned your body’s ability to do what you want it to do.
You want to boost your fertility – but what is the best way to do it naturally, an observed cycle, assisted fertility treatment and if so which one?
Do you try IUI or go straight to IVF or ICSI?

You need to have fertility awareness; you need to know your body and how to maximize your options.

If you start fertility treatment the changes in the body can be frightening and confusing and the way I help as a fertility coach is by being your constant professional companion, on hand to listen and advise.
I will give you a clear plan on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, how to choose your fertility clinic and support you – you are not alone.
Sometimes we may need to focus on your goals and why you started this fertility journey and your original desire to have a baby as it can get lost when you are going through challenging and physically uncomfortable treatment.

The Emotional
“I feel my body has let me down, why isn’t it working properly, what have I done wrong” These are phrases I often hear my clients utter in our consultations Guilt, Shame and Blame.

The problem is these thoughts are often going round and round in your head – without an outlet, without the voice of reason helping you to see it’s not your fault.
This is how I benefit you on your fertility journey.

Let’s take a clear overview of where you are now, what has worked for you and what has been emotionally most challenging?
The emotional aspect of this cannot be ignored, squashed down or underestimated – this is not good for your cortisol stress hormones, your mind – heart – uterus connection, the cells of your body, your sleep or general health.

Over many years I have found the emotional support I provide is one of the most valuable aspects of my professional relationship with a client. We will have a weekly discussion about how your plans are progressing and you will have a chance to fully express yourself in the most honest and confidential way possible.
I can help you get pregnant over 40 and help you take back control. I provide bespoke fertility care to fast track your journey to success.

The Financial
How much is too much? When do you decide to take a break? Can you do it all again?
These three frequently asked questions could fall into anyone of the headings above but the financial strain of ART is one that causes a lot of stress to a couple, can cause arguments and should not be ignored.

If you are self funding your fertility treatment the amount of money that you initially feel you can afford may in time be surpassed and there are questions about being able to obtain further funding for treatments how and where to get that money from what other things in your life you may be willing to forfeit for this.

Do you reduce weekly spending, stop going out for dinner, not take a holiday, reduce memberships, cut costs wherever possible?
If you choose to do this for a short time of 3, 6, 9 months or one year that may be done fairly easily however if your fertility journey is one that encounters complications the question often arises of how much quality of life today you are willing to sacrifice in order to start your family or add to it?

This is an issue I have talked to my clients about repeatedly. It may be the woman wants to forge ahead with another round of IVF and the husband is reluctant to do so, it may be that there have been multiple rounds of IVF and family members are directly discussing with you and questioning the wisdom of putting yourself through this again emotionally, physically and financially.

This of course are very personal decisions for example some people buy a car that costs £5000.00 other people spend 250,000.00 on a car and it’s within their budget, some people just use public transport and taxis if they live in the capital city and this broad spectrum of expenditure can also apply to people’s personal ability to fund multiple assisted reproductive treatments.

I have heard my clients liken this to ‘playing at the roulette wheel’ taking yet another gamble on a round of treatment. I know without a shadow of a doubt the clients I have dealt with, if they could guarantee they would have a healthy happy baby for $10,000 they would willingly spend it, however in some cases the thought of spending 10 or $20,000 without a tangible guaranteed outcome is simply too much

Yes, you can get pregnant! Choose to have me by your side for support, overcome the negativity of doctors and get pregnant faster.

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