When is the right time to get pregnant?

When is the right time to get pregnant?

Men and women have spent so long trying not to get pregnant that they do not think for a moment it will not happen instantly when they want it to.

Until it becomes painfully obvious, it never crosses a woman’s mind that she may struggle to get pregnant.
Most are aware that infertility is a serious issue with serious consequences, but assume that they will conceive easily.
Much of most people’s 20s and early 30s are spent fearing getting pregnant, having a baby would be a major life change that they are unwilling to embrace during those years.
The right relationship, someone who is ready to become a parent, the right sized home, the right point in a career and financial confidence must be found.
I have yet to meet a person who did not state one of these considerations for waiting for the right time to start a family.

All that worrying sometimes turns out to be a complete waste of time. After being married for years and there’s no baby in sight.

That may have felt fine for the first few years because neither of you felt ready to become parents. You are saving up for our own place, which you want to enjoy before a baby changes your lives and relationship forever.
Maybe you are saving a nest egg to support you during maternity leave and the first few years of your baby’s life, enjoying all the good things in your life as you should do but somehow, subconsciously, putting getting pregnant at the back of your mind, not stopping to reflect on why you haven’t conceived despite not taking any precautions.

How do you decide when it is the right time to get pregnant?
It is such a delicate balance.
When adults are together and they both are ready to start a family at the same time, when each may be pursuing different goals in life. Are you both committed to the same extent?

Hormonal surges, the proximity of family and friends and personal life experience can all influence how you feel and alter your urgency and desire to start a family.

Being constantly asked when you are thinking of starting a family can be insensitive and grating.

During online consultations I often see women cry when they recall the harsh, unthinking words of strangers or even those closest to them asking “When are you having a baby?” It would seem it is legitimate to ask this when actually they are asking “How successful is your sex life?”
Unfortunately, the number one influencing factor in becoming pregnant is age and specifically the age of the woman. There is no denying the younger you are generally (medical conditions excluded) the better your chances of getting pregnant quickly and easily.
Conversely, I have been interviewed on the Radio about Fertility and Teenage pregnancies. I advocate a better understanding and more education in schools for both boys and girls of the reproductive system in general and how, to give one example, STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) sometimes dormant and asymptomatic can fatally damage fertility in both men and women.
I talk to women everyday who have no clue about their reproductive health – no idea when ovulation takes place. This is not to be made fun of – but rather to indicate how much more we need to know.
Recently I have been approached by many more women around the age of 20 to 25 who want to start a family or are concerned about being Fertility Fit – or in the best shape they can be for conception or they express concerns about “Ever being able to have a baby”

Some people would consider that as being too young but is it? Each individual must make that choice for themselves. We are conditioned by society, judging others for their decisions. Culturally and religious expectations may mean that a woman or couple choose to have a baby at a younger age all of which I am able to understand.
My aim is to give you the best advice and guidance for you to meet you wherever you are on your Fertility Journey now and support you with expert, experience advice and compassion and empathy.
Your top priority is to become pregnant and have a healthy baby, but you’re confused by conflicting information and who to trust. Every month, the two-week wait before your pregnancy test is filled with worry and anxiety. You feel like your losing hope and are physically and emotionally exhausted.

I’ve worked with couples who were told they could not have a baby and now have their much-longed for child. I combine my 20+ years of experience with the vital latest developments in technology and research in this expanding field. My integrated approach looks at your current physicaland emotional state, while providing complete confidentiality and support during one of the most difficult challenges of your life.

From no hope to a healthy baby.
Many of my clients come to me after they’ve been told there is no hope or possibility to have a baby and their fertility results indicate their chances of conceiving are very low. We put together a positive strategy that helped them move forward and have a healthy baby.
“Linda was my rock during those three years from being introduced to the world of fertility treatments with all its possibilities and frustrations to finally bringing my child for her to meet.”

I provide a confidential and reassuring space for you to share your deepest fears and private frustrations. My 20+ years and deep expertise in fertility includes:

• Guiding couples through the confusion around fertility
• Listening deeply to the fears and reservations couples or individuals may have around treatment
• Providing a compassionate and honest approach by supporting emotions and challenges
• Clearly explaining menstrual cycles and the fertility ‘window’
• Reminding them of their focus when they feel like they are losing hope
• Supporting them when they are disheartened or feel like giving up
• Helping women and men make lifestyle changes so that their fertility health is optimized
• Advising men through the confusion and sensitivity around their fertility
• Guiding women who wish to freeze their eggs and women who chose donor insemination
• Getting to the heart of specific challenges quickly to avoid wasting precious time
• Taking a calm and focused approach that helps people achieve their goals
• Utilizing the best options by supporting lifestyle changes, having the right test, choosing a fertility clinic or knowing when to seek a new approach
• Being a source of strength and compassion during the two-week wait to taking the next pregnancy test

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