I am Linda Carter, a fertility-support coach who works with couples and individuals who were told they could not have a baby and now have their much-longed for child.

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30-Minute Discovery Call

Save yourself confusion, time and stress by getting the clarity, next steps and plan of action to help you conceive.


Two-Hour Intensive

Quickly optimize your chances for fertility so you’re not wasting time and money and suffering unnecessary heartache. Get a personalized step-by-step roadmap of what to do next.


Three-Month Program

Go from feeling hopeless and trapped in a personal hell that no one else understands to having a clear fertility strategy and the chance to have the baby you’ve longed for.

Names have been omitted from testimonials due to the sensitive nature of my work.

I cannot guarantee that you will get pregnant but I do guarantee that if you commit to following my suggestions you will feel healthier, have a clear strategy to follow and will feel more prepared to cope with whatever comes your way.

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